Housing Market in Sacramento


Housing Market in Sacramento


The housing market across the country is seemingly turning around. Is the Sacramento housing market on trend along with the rest of the country? Yes it is. The number of people buying homes and selling homes is increasing throughout Sacramento.

The Market

This year has brought back new life to the Sacramento housing market. In general, the market has seen a staggering increase of 8% in home prices and it is expected to continue to rise over the next several months. This is well above average in many national regions. Even though the prices have increased, they are still half of asking prices before the housing crash. This is great news for any of you looking to buy or sell.

For those of you looking to buy, housing values are beginning to correct themselves, which will make the value of your house even greater in the coming years. You will no longer be entering into volatile market where uncertainty of one’s return has been incredibly risky for so many years now. A buyer will most likely benefit from selling at a higher price than they bought in the coming years. Sellers will also benefit. So many people were forced to take significant losses on their homes during the housing crisis forcing them into greater debt. Current homeowners looking to sell are far more likely to recoup their investment expenses, however it is unlikely they will make a tremendous profit. With that being said, some people are taking advantage of the rebound to make a profit.

The Trends

Sacramento has seen a surge in house flipping. These individuals are far different from the average individual looking to sell their home. House flippers seek out undervalued and underdeveloped properties to fix up and sell and a grossly inflated price to maximize the return on investment. Now that people are looking to buy houses again, flippers are taking advantage of the properties throughout the city which have been left unkempt whether it was through a foreclosure or individuals unable to afford the upkeep and maintenance on their homes. A house flipper will purchase the property at a very low price, fix up the interior and underlying problems, and quickly turn around and sell the house for tens of thousands of dollars more than they purchased the home.

Another trend, which began during the housing burst, is renting to own a home rather than purchasing the home outright from the beginning. Renting to own may not be for everyone, however it is ideal for a specific segment of potential homeowners. This option allows for people to secure a home now and pay for it later so to speak. The price is negotiated up front so that in a few years, when the agreement period is complete, even if the housing prices in the area have drastically increased, the originally agreed upon price is the selling price. This may seem like a dream come true, however it is important to note that during the rental period, the occupants must adhere to the terms of the contract perfectly or risk voiding the contract. Also, the renters will most likely have to make a deposit of 1% to 3% of the sale price and if they choose not to purchase the house or if they void the contract, the seller collects the money regardless.

The Sacramento housing market has improved and is fairing bettering than most cities in the US. The trends of house flipping and renting to own will continue to remain popular. As mortgage interest rates remain low and housing prices begin to correct themselves, the market will continue to flourish.

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