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Short Sale Realtor in SacramentoEvery homeowner in Sacramento should be educated on the options available to avoid a foreclosure. Many options are available for distressed homeowners; however, short sales are becoming increasingly popular due to the short sales many pros and its ability to assist homeowners. Some such pros are cash back incentives, a credit score that suffers far less than one of a foreclosure in and the assistance of a Sacramento short sale specialist at no cost.

Something each and every homeowner worries about is how their credit will be affected once a short sale all is said and done. The truth is a short sale itself may drop your credit score by 50 points, but keep in mind it is the delinquent mortgage payments that do the most damage; each missed payment ranges around 30 points. When you compare a short sale versus a foreclosure, you will see that a foreclosure may lower your credit score by 300+ points and sit on your credit report for up to ten years. After a short sale in Sacramento, your credit will typically recover within two years while usually displaying paid as negotiated or settled in full on your credit report. A foreclosure in Sacramento has the potential to hold you back from a certain career path because it is not uncommon for employers to do a credit check before making a decision.

One of the greatest benefits of a short sale is having an experienced Sacramento short sale Realtor assisting you throughout your short sale. The goal of a short sale realtor is to handle all negotiations on your behalf while working aggressively to get your home sold. A realtor expert in short sales will be able to keep constant and exceptional communication with all parties involved, all while offering their services to you, at no cost; your lender will typically pay all commission and closing costs. There is no reason to let your home in Sacramento go into foreclosure when you have options available and professionals who dedicate their lives to helping distressed homeowner.

Housing Market in Sacramento


Housing Market in Sacramento


The housing market across the country is seemingly turning around. Is the Sacramento housing market on trend along with the rest of the country? Yes it is. The number of people buying homes and selling homes is increasing throughout Sacramento.

The Market

This year has brought back new life to the Sacramento housing market. In general, the market has seen a staggering increase of 8% in home prices and it is expected to continue to rise over the next several months. This is well above average in many national regions. Even though the prices have increased, they are still half of asking prices before the housing crash. This is great news for any of you looking to buy or sell.

For those of you looking to buy, housing values are beginning to correct themselves, which will make the value of your house even greater in the coming years. You will no longer be entering into volatile market where uncertainty of one’s return has been incredibly risky for so many years now. A buyer will most likely benefit from selling at a higher price than they bought in the coming years. Sellers will also benefit. So many people were forced to take significant losses on their homes during the housing crisis forcing them into greater debt. Current homeowners looking to sell are far more likely to recoup their investment expenses, however it is unlikely they will make a tremendous profit. With that being said, some people are taking advantage of the rebound to make a profit.

The Trends

Sacramento has seen a surge in house flipping. These individuals are far different from the average individual looking to sell their home. House flippers seek out undervalued and underdeveloped properties to fix up and sell and a grossly inflated price to maximize the return on investment. Now that people are looking to buy houses again, flippers are taking advantage of the properties throughout the city which have been left unkempt whether it was through a foreclosure or individuals unable to afford the upkeep and maintenance on their homes. A house flipper will purchase the property at a very low price, fix up the interior and underlying problems, and quickly turn around and sell the house for tens of thousands of dollars more than they purchased the home.

Another trend, which began during the housing burst, is renting to own a home rather than purchasing the home outright from the beginning. Renting to own may not be for everyone, however it is ideal for a specific segment of potential homeowners. This option allows for people to secure a home now and pay for it later so to speak. The price is negotiated up front so that in a few years, when the agreement period is complete, even if the housing prices in the area have drastically increased, the originally agreed upon price is the selling price. This may seem like a dream come true, however it is important to note that during the rental period, the occupants must adhere to the terms of the contract perfectly or risk voiding the contract. Also, the renters will most likely have to make a deposit of 1% to 3% of the sale price and if they choose not to purchase the house or if they void the contract, the seller collects the money regardless.

The Sacramento housing market has improved and is fairing bettering than most cities in the US. The trends of house flipping and renting to own will continue to remain popular. As mortgage interest rates remain low and housing prices begin to correct themselves, the market will continue to flourish.

Sacramento Short Sale Specialist


Now more than ever, people all over the country have been suffering from financial distress. With loss of employment and poor mortgages increasing among other things, the real estate market appears to be a disaster. Unfortunately, over one out of every three home owners’ debt greatly oversees the value of their home. Keep in mind too, many homeowners feel obligated to dish out money that they do not have so that closing is possible if they were to sell their property. In some states, one/fifth of the homeowners today turns out to be delinquent when paying their mortgages. If you have found yourself trapped and you have no choice but to sell your property, do not get the impression that you are secluded from all other homeowners. As a Sacramento Short Sale Specialist, I am here to inform you of all of the options that you may qualify for and offer you assistance at no cost; which has helped many Sacramento homeowners escape the disaster of a California foreclosure. You can save your credit with my help, as well as dodge foreclosure and be off to a new start.

What exactly is a Sacramento “short sale” in Real Estate?

A short sale is a process of which you sell your home for less than what it is worth. Short sales often occur in real estate when a lender comes to agreement in accepting a shorter pay off amount on a loan rather than what is owed to their property. When a California short sale is in action, the borrower will be indebted more on their loans and liens versus their property’s worth at its current market value. Also, a lender will only agree to a short sale generally when the borrower can give account that they are in some type of hardship.

How do I qualify for a short sale in California?

There are normally three qualifications required for a short sale. First, there is financial hardship. Such hardships that qualify are: loss of employment or income, divorce or separation, relocation or job transfer, property in need of repairs without resources to make repairs, major sickness and medical expenses, death of a family member, vacant rental properties, etc. The next qualification would be that the proceeds of the sale of the property, after all closing costs are paid, are less than the amount currently owed on the home. The final qualification would be Financial Insolvency (no other major assets).

What are the benefits to doing a Sacramento short sale?

A great advantage you will get from short selling your home is that your record will usually recover within two years, which will give you the time to pay off old debt, establish your credit once again, and qualify for loans. Simply put, your credit history will read as “settled in full” or “paid as negotiated”, however, it will not be displayed as “short sale”. A short sale is not an actual item on your credit so it will usually not affect any future employment where as a Sacramento foreclosure keeps its title while potentially turning away employers, or even sacrificing your current job title.

Whenever foreclosure appears to be a possibility on a homeowner’s record, it is wise to do as much research on a California Short Sale Realtor before a decision is reached. In the event of choosing a short sale, a short sale specialist is the correct answer to your worries. A qualified and highly trained short sale Realtor will walk you through the steps of the short sale process while being responsible for all negotiations on your behalf.

Can my current Sacramento short sale Realtor® help me? Sacramento Short Sale

Look carefully at this question. Short sales were specifically designed to be cared for by experienced California Short Sale Agents who have achieved many short sales under their belt and can display the evidence. There are Short Sale Realtors who brag of taking on a short sale, but keep in mind to examine the so called proofs to those claims. Starting a short sale only to see it rejected would be heartbreaking so don’t let an incompetent Realtor who claims of being able to bring you to a successful completion of your short sale fool you. Once you seek out a California Short Sale Specialist, make sure you have a list of questions you would like them to answer and be sure you are at complete ease with their assistance. Remember, proper training is important for the short sale process; however, I do believe there is no substitute for experience. A weekend training course does not make somebody an expert in short sales. I am a Sacramento short sale specialist and can offer you no cost assistance to guide you in the Sacramento short sale process.

Over 100 Short Sales Sold. Over 25 Years Experience

Choosing a Sacramento Short Sale Realtor: 4 Vital Criteria


SITEAREA Short Sale HelperHomeowners who are facing financial difficulties that have resulted in mortgage payment defaults should be able to understand the criteria in choosing a Sacramento short sale Realtor to ensure that they do not select the more devastating option of a foreclosure. Essentially, many homeowners are being steered to choosing foreclosure instead of the more practical short sale option because they do not benefit from the wisdom of qualified Sacramento short sale specialists. There is no doubt that a short sale will allow these homeowners to start over with significantly less emotional baggage.

The need for a local real estate agent is highlighted by the fact that when California short sales are properly done, they can be accomplished comparatively faster and smoother than foreclosures. Homeowners will also have to deal with significantly lower costs and lesser potentials for any future problems from the sale. The main challenge with short sales is that they can be a bit complicated, which means that in order for homeowners to completely benefit from them, they should have a clear idea of the vital criteria in choosing a short sale Realtor.

1. Experience of real estate Sacramento short sale specialists.

In choosing a short sale Realtor, homeowners should be aware of the fact that although any real estate agent can do a short sale listing, not all of them can successfully close a short sale. The reality in the housing market is that there are numerous pitfalls in this process that only experienced California real estate short sale specialists can expertly navigate away from. This will ensure that the proper value of the home will be enforced as well as guarantee that the short sale package is completely and efficiently prepared.

Taking the process from preparation, to offer, to approval, can be relatively smooth and easy if the right real estate short sale specialists are chosen. Homeowners should consider that they should have three years experience with preparing and closing short sale proceedings at the very least. Since there is no method of instruction that can adequately prepare any real estate agent, experience will be their best training ground. It is equally important to choose a local Sacramento real estate agent who will provide assistance at relatively no extra cost, because not only will this be more affordable, it also makes sure that he has adequate knowledge of the local market.

2. Dealing with California short sale offers.

One of the vital roles that local real estate short sale specialists will assume is not only marketing the property, but more importantly, sifting through the offers that will be tendered. It is up to them to categorize the acceptable offer from the unreasonable ones, as well as identifying serious from bogus buyers. It is important to point out that unlike in any standard transaction of real estate, the goal in a short sale is not to get the best offer for the seller, but that for the lender.

This means that the offer should be high enough to be considered by the lender and must also be presented in a way that is acceptable. A good example is when the lender finds out that real estate short sale specialists actually made more from the property than they did. Although it is common practice by experienced short sale specialists to jack up the price a bit before dropping it to establish its marketing history.

This reality is important when attempting to understand the process of choosing a short sale Realtor. The more short sale offers that have been closed by real estate short sale specialists, the more benefits homeowners will get from the Sacramento short sale process. This is because they not only understand how banks approve the short sale package, but also how sellers and lenders appreciate the proper offer for the property being sold.

3. Identifying red flags in the Sacramento short sale package.

There is no doubt that the preparation of the short sale package is one of the most critical processes in this option. Therefore, it is beyond argument why the vital criteria in choosing a California short sale Realtor should include the ability to identify red flags in the short sale package. Identifying these red flags will help homeowner’s unnecessary delays in the processing of the approval as well as the acceptance of the offers tendered by serious buyers.

Qualified real estate short sale specialists have a clear understanding of what sellers are wary about as well as what buyers are looking for in a property that is considered for short sale. Homeowners will also benefit from the ability of the real estate short sale specialists to point out probable legal and tax consequences that can hamper the smooth flow of the negotiations, including closing of the short sale.

Many lenders are extremely specific on the preparation of the documentation in the short sale package. Therefore, the failure in identifying the potential red flags will create a chain effect of consequences that will be detrimental to the goal of homeowners to close and finalize the Sacramento short sale in the fastest time possible. Homeowners and real estate short sale specialists should be aware that incomplete documentation of the short sale package is one of the most common reasons for the rejection of short sale offers.

4. Negotiating the California short sale.

The ability to properly negotiate the short sale is without a doubt one of the vital criteria in choosing a short sale Realtor. Keep in mind that the primary consideration to get the services of real estate short sale specialists is to ensure that the flow from the preparation up to the point of closing will go on smoothly and in relatively short time. This means that there should be substantial skill in negotiating the short sale.

SITEAREA Short Sale RealtorCalifornia homeowners will not only have the confidence, but the peace of mind as well, when they are aware of the negotiating skills of the real estate short sale specialists. This is because there will be significant harmonious working relationship with the lender, which means that establishing the conditions of the short sale agreement will be extremely favorable to homeowners. Effective real estate short sale specialists can even negotiate for debt forgiveness, and to some extent, even cash incentives, which is why many homeowners prefer the short sale over the Sacramento foreclosure. With these four vital criteria in mind, choosing a short sale Realtor will become easier and more beneficial to homeowners.

Sacramento Short Sale Specialist


Short Sale Realtor in SacramentoThings are difficult right now in Sacramento. Unemployment and mortgage delinquencies are at all time highs. More than one out of every three home owners in the Sacramento area who have a mortgage on their property owe more than the value of their property, or would be forced to bring money they do not have to closing if they had to sell their property. In some areas of the country, including Sacramento, one out of every five home owners are delinquent in their mortgage payments.

If you have found yourself in a position where you must sell your property in this economic climate, you are not alone. As a Sacramento short sale specialist agent who is experienced in helping home owners in your situation, I am here to inform you about all of the options available to you and offer you no cost assistance. With my assistance, as your short sale Realtor, you can salvage your credit, avoid foreclosure and get a fresh start.

What Sellers Desperately Need From a Sacramento Short Sale Agent


Are you aware of the Sacramento seller’s criteria when they look for a short sale agent?

Out of 40 listings in the real estate, a large part included in those listings is short sale. There are two types of agents in the Sacramento, some agents who’re not interested in short sale; whereas others are interested to acquire more information on a short sale.

After the colossal collapse of the Global economy, the real estate market took a severe shape. The effect of recession reflected on the real estate market as home prices dropped unexpectedly. People associated with the real estate market wondered how average consumers can manage during the time of sell, especially when they bought the home with full financing. In this situation, the only answer is short sale in order to cope with the problem. People who are associated with real estate business tried to acquire more knowledge on short sale.

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale is a sale of real estate when the lender agrees to accept less than the total amount owed to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy. A few lenders may not accept a short sale, if they see that it may make more fiscal sense to foreclose on the property.

Some of the mortgage lenders are aware that if the property is foreclosed then they may lose a considerable amount of money. When property is foreclosed there are many fees levied on the property. Therefore, it is a wise decision for the lenders to take the discount beforehand and retrieve a part of the owed amount.

Here is a few basic list of what Sacramento short sale sellers require from an agent:

  1. An agent needs to explain regarding the short sale process
  2. The agents are required to provide information with the help of a legal and tax experts.
  3. The sellers need to know the bank’s response from other short sale negotiations.
  4. Evaluating seller’s financial situation.
  5. Provide a sample of a successful hardship letter.
  6. The agent needs to provide short sale proposal from the bank.
  7. The agent needs to check the time line to closing
  8. The real estate agent should provide criteria for the right buyer who can wait for approval on short sale.
  9. He should have the capability to predict consequence as well as have back up plan to avoid bank rejection of the short sale.
  10. He should have the ability to quote the price of short sale properly.
  11. He should have the knowledge as well as experience to deal with title and escrow problems.
  12. The real estate agent is required to have a prominent online presence along with listing distribution system.

Therefore, these are the points the seller looks for in a real estate agent in Sacramento.

Sacramento Short Sales Specialist


Things are difficult right now in Sacramento. Unemployment and mortgage delinquencies are at all time highs. More than one out of every three home owners in the United States who have a mortgage on their property owe more than the value of their property, or would be forced to bring money they don’t have to closing if they had to sell their property. In some areas of the country, one out of every five home owners are delinquent in their mortgage payments. If you have found yourself in a position where you must sell your property in this economic climate, you are not alone. As an agent in Sacramento who is experienced in helping home owners in your situation, I am here to inform you about all of the options available to you and offer you no cost assistance. With my assistance and being a Sacramento Short Sales Specialist, you can salvage your credit, avoid foreclosure and get a fresh start.

Over 100 Short Sales Sold. Over 25 Years Experience

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