Sacramento Short Sale Specialist


Short Sale Realtor in SacramentoThings are difficult right now in Sacramento. Unemployment and mortgage delinquencies are at all time highs. More than one out of every three home owners in the US who have a mortgage on their property owe more than the value of their property, or would be forced to bring money they do not have to closing if they had to sell their property. In some areas of the country, including Sacramento, one out of every five home owners are delinquent in their mortgage payments. If you have found yourself in a position where you must sell your property in this economic climate, you are not alone. As a Sacramento short sale specialist agent who is experienced in helping home owners in your situation, I am here to inform you about all of the options available to you and offer you no cost assistance. With my assistance, as your short sale Realtor, you can salvage your credit, avoid foreclosure and get a fresh start.

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